Let’s set the scene…

It has been a long week of work, running the kids around, endless errands, repairs, and general busywork. You have just found out that the kids will all have plans and have left you and your significant other all alone. Quick, let’s make a quiet, maybe even romantic, dinner for two. What could be easier than grilling out?!

So you are on board with the idea…but what should you make? Don’t worry we have a great dinner idea that does not require too much work.

Dinner or two

Grilled T-Bones
Prep on these doesn’t need to go any further than kosher salt and pepper (let salt sit for about 40 minutes before grilling to really draw out the flavor. Add a fresh layer of pepper right before you put them on the grill).

Grilled Sweet Potatoes
Super easy. Place the sweet potatoes directly on the grill and let them hang out over medium-high heat while you cook the rest of your dinner. Grill them until they are fork-tender. To serve, slice them open and add butter or yogurt.
> Make it quicker tip: Microwave the sweet potatoes for about 3 minutes (depending on size) before putting on grill to speed up grill time.

Grilled Caesar Salad
Most people do not think of making a salad on the grill but trust me, once you try this you will be making it again.

Plate it up, serve your favorite beverage, put on some music and enjoy!

We recommend foregoing the paper plates and use the semi-good stuff this time. Might require a little more clean-up but how often do you get to enjoy a quiet dinner for two?

Grilled Caesar Salad