Burners are going to rust due to the high heat, salt, and food drippings. This surface rust is not reason enough to replace your burner, however. Your annual maintenance should include a thorough investigation and cleaning of your burner. When you take your burner out you should remove the surface rust on the burner with a wire brush.

Below are several problems that will indicate your burner needs to be replaced.

  • Large gaping holes on the underside of your burner rather than individual round ports.
  • Leg pins and blocks fell out of the bottom of your burner.
  • Split seams along the edge of your burner.

If you are unsure if your burner needs to be replaced, please do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable customer service agents.

Example of a burner that needs to be replaced

Example of a burner with gaping holes on burner

Split Seams on burner

Example of a burner with split seams along the bottom of the burner

Missing or Broken Leg Pins

Example of a burner with missing or broken leg pins