How to Clean Your SearMagic Grids

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How to Clean Your SearMagic Grids

Dirty grids are a sign of a well-used grill but they can also diminish your grills performance. With a little TLC, you can keep your grill and your SearMagic grids performing their best for many years.

How to clean SearMagic Grids

Cleaning the Grids On the Grill

A good time to gently clean or wipe your grids is while the grill is heating up. Using the wood scaping tool (GGWB5) or a brass bristle brush (GGWB10) remove any leftover food particles or other debris. We do not recommend doing a high heat burn off with SearMagic grids as this tends to bake on the debris rather than burn it off.


GGWB5 Wood Scraping Tool


GGWB10 Brass Bristle Brush

Cleaning the Grids Off the Grill

From time to time, you will want to remove your SearMagic grids and do a more thorough cleaning—especially after grilling with marinades or sauces that can build-up in the grid valleys. When the grids are cold soak them in a sink or tub filled with hot water and a grease-cutting dish soap like Dawn. This will soften the debris enough so you can easily remove it with a nylon scrub pad.

No Oven Cleaner

Easy Off is not meant for use on aluminum as it can cause pitting and discoloration.

IMPORTANT: Over time, it is normal for color change (black to bronze) to occur on these aluminum grids.

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